Saturday, April 28, 2012

Asian Markets...Baby Steps

I have been under the weather for a few days so I haven't felt much like writing. I'll be back with something new this week. In the meantime, here are some pics of an Asian market I went to in Nashua NH. Feel free to comment on the pics, or let me know what some of the things you see are good for. I'm really curious about the dried pork that looks like ancient beef jerky that has nearly turned to the consistency of rockwool insulation. Enjoy the pics, and have a super weekend!

Thought of Roddy Gibbs when I saw this as we both like them, anyone else?

Truly Agar Agar or is this just the Asian version of Jell-O?

Various Fruits in heavy syrup.

Need this...but for what? Ramen or Pho additive?

No idea...

I'm sorry, call me prudish...I'm just not eating quail eggs or chickens from a can.

The Land O' Ramen

One of dozens of brands of fish sauce..Anyone have a favorite?

anyone? anyone?

difference between regular basil?

Yup, I'd dig this the same way I dig maple sugar....


Fish oils and canned fish...

I really want to use this, but as a pinch between my cheek n gum...or as a food additive?

I should know what this is for, but I'd rather ask you people than ask Google...

anyone tste this? Thoughts?

Do Asian folks actually use a lot of these types of sauces, or are they just of the ketchup and mayo convenience variety?

Tons of snacks, not sure where to begin really...any that I must try?!

More Snacks!
Hello Kate!

I'm pretty sure this one says I dare you to try this.... just not sure if it's Mandarin or Cantonese?

Now I didn't take a pic of the produce area as it was fairly small and not a lot of odd things I didn't recognize.  I did notice we are getting screwed on the size of Daikon Radish we get at my local grocery store as they also come in horse leg large! The thing I noticed, is the herbs and spices were of a great variety and very inexpensive. Can anyone vouch for how good or bad they are?

The frozen foods are also not represented much, but from everything I looked at, it was a lot of processed stuff I could get at most stores. They did have some things like noodles that were fresh and then frozen that I'd like to try... but not much aside from that. Keep in mind this is a small market and there are others in the Boston area to match the largest supermarkets, that I will be checking out.... but for now.... baby steps.

Thanks for reading...Pav


  1. Lotta stuff there Pav, and I must admit,I'm intrigued and clueless. I'd need a guide, but I imagine one could create some fantastic dishes with all that's there.

    1. I'm just gob smacked by where to even begin. I'm thinking I want to stay away from processed. I got some oyster and hoisin sauces. Bought some fresh lo mein noodles as well as fresh soba. held off on the fish sauce as there were so many I didn't want to buy the low end brand of all Asian countries just because of a pretty label. I got a couple fresh bahn mi rolls but was dissapointed to see they didn't have any head cheese or the like there. I'm thinking next Asian market I'll be Boston bound!Thanks for reading Tupper!

  2. This is just awesome!! So much to discover! But be careful with that holy's not like regular basil. This one is mostly used for medical purposes and it's really "holy" in some religions. I never tried it but maybe it's worth a try....!

    1. Thanks Hanneke,Yeah... I believe I've had it before but I couldn't swear to what I had it in. Oh, I also bought the anchovies in chili oil....can't wait to use it!
      Thanks for the read Hanneke!

  3. "Anyone, anyone?" I believe they are goji berries, aka wolf berries. They are quite good and are believed to have healing properties.

    I went to a Vietnamese market on the north side a couple of months ago, and was amazed by the prices on spices and blown away by all of the exotic things they had. It was also interesting because the store seems to be a community center. People can pay their bills (electric, phone, etc) there, and there was a woman filling out the paperwork for some of these people. Loved it. They're super friendly, there.

    1. Sounds like a fun time D! I really can't wait to go to the Asian market in Boston. There is one that I believe is mostly a collection of vendors, and they have food to buy on the premises a la Borough Market in London which I love... that I can assure you will be a full day! I'm guessing it is a mix of Asian foods, but it may just be one singular culture...really not sure, but super excited about going! So glad you came for a visit D! Thanks...

  4. Flattered that you thought of me, and just the picture of the box made me hungry. I prefer the century eggs to the standard salted duck eggs, and I've actually had some good hard-boiled quail eggs. I initially grabbed them as a novelty, only to find out they were actually fine. No "I've been sitting in chemicals" type taste to speak of.

    I've thought of doing the shredded pork product myself, but I'm turned off by the MSG and soy protein fillers. It's still probably damned tasty.

    I love being in an area with so many Asian Markets. You're probably the only guy that would stick out even worse than I do.

    1. Yeah, I gotta be honest and say I'm not a particular fan of the salted duck egg, as I can take it or leave it. I'm not turned off by MSG at all, in fact I found a package of what was called "umami" flavor enhancer, then in parenthesis below it read (monosodium glutamate) which made me chuckle because that would be sitting in an American supermarket til the heavens fall! Soy Protein fillers don't bother me as much as soy protein binders found in deli meats at the supermarket...because Americans will settle for everything from Turkey to Roast Beef not done the proper way, just for the sake of portion control, or more importantly...Flavor! Yeah Roddy, there are plenty of things that make me think of my online Peeps! for example....the Hello Panda box! Thanks for checkin it out buddy!

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